When the paint just doesn’t go your way…

I was really inspired to paint a poinsettia. I know it’s not Christmas. Heck, it’s not even Halloween. But when you get inspired you can’t go against it right? That would just be wrong. So when it hit me, I didn’t resist.

Well my red paint was crimson, smooth, beautiful. My purple paint was uhhh, thin, watery, and wouldn’t blend with my red. Like what a disaster.

So I quickly lost all inspiration. I thought well crap this is going to look like crap and it feels like crap painting this. I should just stop and forget this piece. Crap.

But most of the time, the problem isn’t when you slap on too much paint. The problem is too little. The problem is putting in too little effort. The problem is quitting when you face an obstacle, whether super early on or late in the game.

I learned something from that crappy purple paint. I learned to always choose inspiration over the obstacle. I learned that my inspiration is worth working for. It’s worth the time. It’s worth the frustration and irritation.

That one tiny obstacle could have stopped my inspiration in its tracks. The world would have never known the realization of my inspiration.

If you have a crappy obstacle ahead of your art or your life for that matter, don’t give up. Finish what you started. Even if you feel like your inspiration has turned into impatience and anger, keep going. You might learn something and the world might come to know the beauty to which your inspiration gave birth. Endurance and perseverance go hand in hand with creation and passion.

Bring your inspiration to its zenith. Don’t let a bump in the road force you to do a U-turn and go home.

Happy Sunday!


I think when people hear the word graffiti, they think vandalism. They think of teenagers writing expletives on garage doors and churches. Crime. Defacement. Injustice. Taking advantage.

But that’s not the whole story. Like most things in life, there are two sides of this obscure story. To me, graffiti is not any of those things listed above.

As I mentioned in my About Me, I started drawing graffiti pretty early on. I didn’t care about anything but the psychedelic colors and lines. But now that I’m older, my love and appreciation for this art form has blossomed into something I could have never imagined as a little teenage punk with a spray can.

Words. Graffiti is about words. It’s about language and beauty doesn’t have to come from using language eloquently in the courtroom or in a poem. The beauty of words and language is the lines used to articulate the letter. The curve of a lower case e. The violence of the upper cases R. Each letter has its own expression and it is no coincidence that the words that start with those particular letters normally have the same feeling.

Bubble starts with a B. B, to me, seems jolly, fat, round, fun. Can’t you describe Bubble as with those exact same adjectives? The beauty of language is in the letter. And I would even go as far as to say that beauty also comes from the actual lines that create the letter.

That’s what graffiti is. It’s a celebration of language. And, of course, of COURSE, I do not condone those who draw nude people on garage doors or use words to vandalize other people’s property. However, I appreciate the blockbusters on the train, the throw up on the subway, and the tag on the side of the overpass.

As a lawyer, I wish every graffiti artist was able to get the consent of the property owner. I wish things were different. But I appreciate the art form and it’s passion for language. I praise the One who made the beautiful gift of language and I am honored that I was given a deep appreciation for it.